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It is a curious thing, dogs are in bondage by a chicken.

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The Orangutan was thirst to the point he drank his own urine.

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A dog who wants to be a pig.

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Smilley cat.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

American funny videos compilation

There are so many funny things around us without us knowing it. Starting from animals that do things weird and funny to the people who do not usually act strange and funny. But sometimes it's funny without them knowing it, it happened when they indulge.

As in the American funny videos people and animals when They funny times. There are some animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, chickens and even donkeys were participating in this funny video compilation.

Try not to laugh when saw this video, because it makes me laugh a little though. The funniest for me is when a child bring two dogs and then there is someone who throws the ball in front of them and the dog was chasing the ball and because it is not strong enough to hold them the little boy eventually carried away supplanted by dog chasing a ball.

Or you may laugh when seeing a rabbit was hitting cans held by the kid, a rabbit looks like that was playing drums.
And most makes me laugh is when two dogs with two places to eat, when a black dog moved places to eat at him then he will move to other places to eat and so on.

Cats are funny that when the owner picked him up he was like being hypnotized.
dog and chicken
It is a curious thing, dogs are in bondage by a chicken, or dog helps the chicken when the chicken was willing to lay eggs.

dog and man pee
Don't try this at home. The owner and his dog pee together in any place.

rabbit playing drum
Here American funny  videos compilation

Friday, January 20, 2012

Funny videos of animals in youtube

15 animals doing funny things, in this video there are some funny moment that doing ​​by the animals.

The first animal is a monkey playing with a dog's tail was standing. The monkey was idly toying with the dog when the dog is not looking at the monkey and then pulled his tail to make the dog angry and bite him.

The second animal or sequence to 14 in this funny animals video is cockatoo, he's a fan of the boyband backstreetboy, when the music played his favorite song and the cockatoo make a dancing boy band-style and look good. And so matching between the movement and its music is heard.

On the third animal or a 13 on a video sequence is the orangutan, do not try this at home because it can make people vomit. a monkey from Indonesia, he is cool to drink his own urine, I do not know what's going on here whether orangutans have never given water to drink or there are long dry so that the monkey was thirst to the point he drank his own urine.
funny orangutan
dog and monkey
cocktoo undeground

Here the animal funny video clips below:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Very funny Cat videos

Cats are many kinds, beside cute also lots of mystical cat stories in it, from different regions of the country know that cat is something scary, like in europe black cat will bring bad luck, while in Japan a black cat give a blessing for them. And in Egypt cat is a lot of mystical stories.

If i think cat is an animal that is very funny and interesting than they are aggressive animals they also sometimes can make us laugh. As events in the videos below about the cats that will make us laugh.
funny cat be friend and mouse

happy when the cat became friends with rats. Do not like Tom and Jerry who always quarrel:) This cat seems very fond of mice that were nearby.

cat and dog fight
This one the cat is fighting with a dog that tries to disturb regional power. You can see Funny cats video below.

What he does is try to give a greeting to the tip of a cat that is the way I think. Or he was doing a pantomime.

baby and cat
I was touched when seeing this one cat, because cats are so fond of the baby. It seems funny cat feel comfortable close to the baby.

kitten massage therapy
Not only a human being in need of massage therapy was a cat could do it and need it. The cats are each give warmth.

Funny cats video I

Funny cats video II

Funny Kitten massage therapy

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Funny Best fail ever compilation

Funny Best ever failed compilation taken from the last 2011 years, this is the gift of new year 2012. in the video is not to make the people in the video to be their banter but to provide a lesson for us with what they have done.

failed disaster man has hit

This is terrible because he was lying down to take pictures and bring a camera, turned out he was accidentally trampled by men who tried to give a momentary entertainment american idol tv show.
trying to do acrobatics
This man failed to performing his acrobatics that is twisted backward, but he slipped because he stepped on a broken wooden and he too fell down, but fortunately he fell to matras that has been provided.

punch by his self when boxing
This is a strange and funny when I saw it, because he hit himself not  the opponent  he punch. This is an unintentional mistake, when he threw a punch to his opponent, but the opponent can dodge and blow so hard that he was accusing  then blow into leads to itself.
funny man hit by car

Amazing and make me laugh because he does not matter when he was  hit by three cars, and then woke up with not having any injuries.
Luckily the car that hit her was a toy car.
From the picture above you can see in the video below

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Babies ekspression face when eating lemon video

The faces at the baby's expression when eating sour lemon taste.

They look cute with facial features that are not controlled, there's nothing like face to cry, and there is such a laughing face.
The kids are funny even though they are very naughty and they had always wanted tries new things they think are interesting.
We as parents forbid them not too much to do that because eventually they will keep trying without our knowledge. Let them grow into adults.

Although it's sour lemon taste but it looks like the kids liked it, because they still continue to try to eat it. Maybe for them it is nothing new for them.

kid eat lemon
babies expression face when eating lemon
baby ekspression face eating lemon sour

babies eating lemon sour

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reporter,tv show host, and newsreader can't stop laughing

Laughter is one thing that we can not expect his arrival, and it comes when we see or hear things that we feel funny. and it already exists in every human being.

As in the videos below, two people who are following the tv shows that saw the news about a woman who fell while walking in catwalk, it looks like the woman fall it down because her shoes are too big or too small that his feet feel uncomfortable.

Or on the second video below, a woman newsreader on forecasts, she laughed at the time will tell about the weather and the operator turns the image first appeared among the invisibility of the other host so that this woman was shocked and laughed.

In the third video we can see two women who in TV show when talking to another host and suddenly the man burp and it made him laugh himself. And finally he could not stop laughing even though at that time there was a caller want to talk to him and he was pretending that he could not hear it. And women who are besides immediately to him to calm him down.

Still a lot with video about a news anchor, tv show, the reporter who brought the show on sat its news reader to make them laugh and could not stop to do that. Because they are human too so it was natural that they do.

some pictures when they can't stop laughing
lady newsreader cant stop laughing
woman reporter can't stop laughing in weather
two newsreader cant stop laughing when the lady fall
cant stop laughing
Video newsreader,tv host can't stop laughing, you can find another many video in youtube.
For the first video you can see here

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Funny animals youtube video and pictures

There are many things that can make us laugh one of them is a animals.
Animals sometimes make us sad, happy, funny, and scary depending on their nature and how we react to it.

below there are some amusing incident of the animals that make us laugh when  saw him, funny moments animals youtube videos  i share here taken from a few moments when animals behave very funny.

there are dogs, cats, horses and other animals are very interesting to see. These are behaviors that they do not deliberate.

funny animals picture moment
This Funny animal picture that seemed to make a hole to get out of there.

dog bite a girl

Dogs that bite the ass of a woman, that is very petite at all.
funny cats picture to making fight
This funny cat pictures are making the other cats to fight with his new kung fu lessons.
funny horse pictures with his trash
I do not why this horse suddenly became like this what it was looking in the trash.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Funny sport disaster Video

There are events that we can not guess and not intentional when we do activities like playing, sport match or exercising.

There are events that make we sad, strange and funny. Apparently the video of this one can comfort us because in it there is a funny sport events unintended by them, but it can make us laugh.

The first we can see from this picture that at the time of gathering with family or friends and play badminton together, suddenly unnoticed by those who wear white shirts that he did not see him behind there is a long iron as a sign posted on his home at the time he was want to shoot the ball and finally the man crashed into a small pole without realizing it.

The guy who was playing tennis who wore a white shirt so he also rushing to catch a tennis ball he too slipped and fell and it'll probably make her sick.

Another funny incident during exercise, for a little boy who accidentally he was shot his sensitivity the body by the tennis ball.
failed accident exercise man
funny sport disaster ping pong
funny disaster moment sport game

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