Wednesday, January 25, 2012

American funny videos compilation

There are so many funny things around us without us knowing it. Starting from animals that do things weird and funny to the people who do not usually act strange and funny. But sometimes it's funny without them knowing it, it happened when they indulge.

As in the American funny videos people and animals when They funny times. There are some animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, chickens and even donkeys were participating in this funny video compilation.

Try not to laugh when saw this video, because it makes me laugh a little though. The funniest for me is when a child bring two dogs and then there is someone who throws the ball in front of them and the dog was chasing the ball and because it is not strong enough to hold them the little boy eventually carried away supplanted by dog chasing a ball.

Or you may laugh when seeing a rabbit was hitting cans held by the kid, a rabbit looks like that was playing drums.
And most makes me laugh is when two dogs with two places to eat, when a black dog moved places to eat at him then he will move to other places to eat and so on.

Cats are funny that when the owner picked him up he was like being hypnotized.

dog and chicken
It is a curious thing, dogs are in bondage by a chicken, or dog helps the chicken when the chicken was willing to lay eggs.

dog and man pee
Don't try this at home. The owner and his dog pee together in any place.

rabbit playing drum
Here American funny  videos compilation

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This is very funny.. Thanks for the share.

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