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It is a curious thing, dogs are in bondage by a chicken.

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The Orangutan was thirst to the point he drank his own urine.

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Smilley cat.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pictures of funny cats

Cats are animals that are very funny and I liked because she has a uniqueness that is very significant.

The pictures are very funny cat gives uniqueness, various shapes and variations ranging from cats like agora cats , cats dispersion which is strange even make us make something that can not be expressed in words.

Starting from the cat's fur and eyes provide a specific characteristic of the cat. We can hug and sometimes sleep with them, let alone kittens are still cute and tiny to make the children become like them.
more funny cat pics
more funny cat pics
more funny cat pics
more funny cat pics
more funny cat pics
more funny cat pics

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Funny pictures taken at just the right moment

This picture was taken from the work of others who then distributed into the form of blogs from Funny image of the day.

On the basis of this photos below there are various photos pictures taken at just the right moment the results are amazing, beautiful, extraordinary, and there are also weird.

This funny pictures taken at the right moment, sometimes I would laugh when seeing the photos that was so funny with funny faces in the photos.

funny face photos baseball
bear eat fish
bom like flower
eagle on funny image of the day
exercise funny image
face on the ball
golf like homo
kentut keluar api
fannuy face photos baseball failed
weird man fallen
swimming head
amazing water and hand

amazing and weird waterball

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Funny look alikes face pictures

In this photo some of the images which is similar to something that might be funny or scary, but this is not to humiliate or harass, but intends only to entertain. I hope they are classified in this photos blog was not angry, sorry if anyone was offended. If the facial image is not feasible for the shelf I hope to comment in the comment box, thanks.

Funny pictures that are similar in shape or pose their views of hair styles, body language and even their faces.

funny face
funny buzz

Funny car
funny cat
funny chicken
funny walter
funny steward
funny sam
funny hair rihanna
funny peanut
funny unique dress
funny kermit
funny jacket
funny image face
funny baby happy
funny faces expression
funny hair dandelon

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Funny face Hollywood Celebrities photos

On the previous post I made a post about hollywood celebrity caricatures picture because there are so many so I split the post into two, and now I post the same but with different celebrities.

I apologize for the this post about a funny face celebrities photos, if the offending celebrities, I am not to criticize or insult the celebrities only to share to enjoy this the work of a creative person.

Interesting when we look at and be seen, they can be made like that so funny and strange shape of the face, drawing celebrities hollywood image made ​​with something different, this needs high creativity and tenacity to produce images that are similar but in such a funny and weird pictures.

Al pacino funny image
Funny Image Al Pacino

Angelina jolie funny image
Funny picture Angelina jolie

Arnold schwarzeneger funny picture
Arnold Schwarzeneger Caricature picture

Funny image celeb bill murray
Bill Murray funny image

christopher Walken Funny picture
Funny image Christopher Walken

funny image dustin hoffman
Dustin Hoffman Funny picture

funny image friends film tv show
Friends tv shows

John lennon
John Lennon

Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas

Robin williams funny
Robin Williams

rowan atkinson mr bean funny image
Rowan atkinson funny image (Mr. bean)

samuel l jackson funny image
Samuel L Jackson

sylvester stallone picture funny
Funny image Sylvester Stallone

Funny picture tom cruise
 Funny image Tom cruise
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