I am a new affiliater in the Internet world, who try as hard as possible to get better results.

I come from Bandung Indonesia who have successfully graduated from college in 2005, thanks for the family and especially for my parents.

many related articles that I copy and paste my slightly edited to add flavor in the article.

I hope people who have the article I copy and paste into the blog is not angry and support, because I would be grateful and support behind them, and apologize to them if there is an article on coffee to this blog have the copyright or their offended and banned, i'm sorry if i forget or not place source link in my blog and hopefully make this blog is always good and blessing. also useful and meaningful to others. Source about this image from youtube.com / photobucket.com and others.

In this photo some of the images which is similar to something that might be funny or scary, but this is not to humiliate or harass, but intends only to entertain. I hope they are classified in this photos blog was not angry, sorry if anyone was offended. If the facial image is not feasible for the shelf I hope to comment in the comment box, thanks.

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