Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reporter,tv show host, and newsreader can't stop laughing

Laughter is one thing that we can not expect his arrival, and it comes when we see or hear things that we feel funny. and it already exists in every human being.

As in the videos below, two people who are following the tv shows that saw the news about a woman who fell while walking in catwalk, it looks like the woman fall it down because her shoes are too big or too small that his feet feel uncomfortable.

Or on the second video below, a woman newsreader on forecasts, she laughed at the time will tell about the weather and the operator turns the image first appeared among the invisibility of the other host so that this woman was shocked and laughed.

In the third video we can see two women who in TV show when talking to another host and suddenly the man burp and it made him laugh himself. And finally he could not stop laughing even though at that time there was a caller want to talk to him and he was pretending that he could not hear it. And women who are besides immediately to him to calm him down.

Still a lot with video about a news anchor, tv show, the reporter who brought the show on sat its news reader to make them laugh and could not stop to do that. Because they are human too so it was natural that they do.

some pictures when they can't stop laughing

lady newsreader cant stop laughing
woman reporter can't stop laughing in weather
two newsreader cant stop laughing when the lady fall
cant stop laughing
Video newsreader,tv host can't stop laughing, you can find another many video in youtube.
For the first video you can see here

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