Sunday, January 15, 2012

Funny Best fail ever compilation

Funny Best ever failed compilation taken from the last 2011 years, this is the gift of new year 2012. in the video is not to make the people in the video to be their banter but to provide a lesson for us with what they have done.

failed disaster man has hit

This is terrible because he was lying down to take pictures and bring a camera, turned out he was accidentally trampled by men who tried to give a momentary entertainment american idol tv show.
trying to do acrobatics
This man failed to performing his acrobatics that is twisted backward, but he slipped because he stepped on a broken wooden and he too fell down, but fortunately he fell to matras that has been provided.

punch by his self when boxing
This is a strange and funny when I saw it, because he hit himself not  the opponent  he punch. This is an unintentional mistake, when he threw a punch to his opponent, but the opponent can dodge and blow so hard that he was accusing  then blow into leads to itself.
funny man hit by car

Amazing and make me laugh because he does not matter when he was  hit by three cars, and then woke up with not having any injuries.
Luckily the car that hit her was a toy car.
From the picture above you can see in the video below

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