Monday, March 5, 2012

Watch funny video In the moments

In everyday life, we cannot be separated from the name of its activities such as work, leisure, sport or play. And in an activity that is of course there's always the funny times when certain whether intentional or unintentional.

As the video below was recorded at the time of certain events that occur when they do things they are not supposed to be something original and then a funny thing.

In the first scene looks a woman who is trying to make a scene that should not happen is a deliberate play his bag twisted around and the funny thing is these bags on her head so she was in pain and fell.

In the second scene video looks a little girl as a companion in marriage, but he seemed to forget that in the nose there is a prize that may be given to the bride wedding. :)

And even more funny is when two women who at that time was probably exercising, and doing her gymnastic movements with his hands raised and at the woman in front of him lift his leg back, his foot was on sensitive areas, if only it a man, going to be more exciting result.

You can see his other events in this video, like the three women who hit the closet, Liama ​​An animal that was pursuing Horni old man who dropped his pants, and oddly enough a camera that holds even why he did not help him cool with the record he shared liama.

You can also see a man who fears at the time of his pretended electrocuted while repairing power that is his home, and people are shocked after learning that he had been deceived, he was conscious and pretending to throw it with a banana it is in the hands of his.

It's really very funny to make me always want to see her again.

Frighten others it is fun if only we punk'd person is not angry, but if the contrary, if the person is a person we tricked a grumpy or even more frightening more people who have diseases such as heart disease. Caution is for those who like to work on people because it will make the fatal consequences if we do not know the place and time to do it.

In this video there are also few events that make us not blink at all when a little boy who was playing her female doll in his bed was. That is a very not be taught in such a small age.

Perhaps for those of you who've been watching this video, looks familiar and funny again, because it may already be bored with this old video, with its video quality is low.

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Kick yours.
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