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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Funny baby laughing video

This funny baby somehow and what did he think so when the paper that torn by her father he laughs over loud, sound like there was something weird in the paper.

But the name is baby that babies look weird or something new for him, then he will think that it's a funny thing.

Funny to hear her laugh it made me want to laugh, but it's not too interesting, but is that interesting for me is his actions that funny baby, laughing baby with her ​​sound very funny.

Until a few times he did not stop laughing at his paper on torn again and again.

Does he not feel tired ..? :)

The paper was indeed a weird and magical, make it the baby happy.
Fnny baby laughing

Funny baby Laughing video

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Funny baby video

This funny baby video seems a little to make us laugh. This video is a baby after dinner so tired after dinner was finished he felt drowsy and fell asleep in his chair it.

But his friends did not deem it is polite to sleep at the dinner table so that his friend was trying to wake the little baby who was asleep because they feel full.

Several times he's woken up but he did not want to wake up , but finally after hearing the voice of his mother who was laughing at him and he was soon awakened by noise may be heard was his mother.

bayi lucu tertidur

Funny baby video

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Funny moments in sports

On this video is funny moment in sports, bring some people who inadvertently make mistakes and then they make it funny.

At the first moment that he would do karate break a wood but what happened the wood was not broke but his hand was broken :). He was in pain because he doesn't know the wood was so hard. Do not do at home.

In the second scene is a reporter who may not be so known about what was called a baseball. He gave a little review about baseball, with perhaps a little does he know that at the time of going to do an experiment to hit the ball, he is not hit the ball by the bat but he hits it with his nose, so that his nose was bleeding.

failed bowling

man on the sky and failed

Funny moments in sports Youtube Video

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5 Funny ads ameriquest mortgage

5 ads ameriquest mortgage Don't judge too Quickly are very funny and interesting to watch and give us some information in deciding everything was not too quickly.

In the first ad is a romantic dinner with one of its ends to judge a person in the event of his something. This man was cooking for his dinner with his wife who at the time he was accompanied by favorite cat's wife, but suddenly the cat spilled food in the pan is heated on the stove so that the contents in a pot of red spilled onto the floor.
along with his wife arrived home same time the man was holding a knife and the cat with floor full like of blood, then what she thinks after shocked on arrival.
Maybe his wife thought that her husband was cutting a cat for their dinner.

In the second video is titled concert. It tells a good father who was take her ​​daughter with her friends to go to a concert favorite daughter. On arrival at the scene, his father would give the money for his daughter and the police who arrived at the back of the car thought that he was giving money to a prostitute.
funny man and girl sitdown together

funny in hospitall

Top funny ads Video

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Funny mazda car commercial

Lots of ads that fit on the tv, there is a funny, unique, even scary. But that i like love is a funny ads because it can make me laugh. Like the comercial below.

Very funny Car ads are about a man will  going on vacation to a place, but in the way he meets some beautiful women who want to get on his car.

I wonder what he was thinking maybe because hhe was so happy to give you a ride to a beautiful woman that he was willing to throw some of his belongings.

And oddly enough again after he took a ride some beautiful woman, when he saw an old man with his car broke down with luggage in the car, he was actually lower a woman who had previously participated ride. And he give a ride to the old man with his luggage.

But this is the best example in my opinion because he chose an old man to give a ride to his car and it is of utmost importance because any woman it could be  will give they a ride by anyone but the old man may be rare that will give him a ride.
funny commercial car one man with four girls
Lucky man with four girls
Funny Mazda car commercial room for men

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Funny lays crisp commercial youtube

Lays commercials are very funny at my place, there are some commercial from potatoes lays very funny.
In below this is one funny commercial lays crisp that can make you feel a little weird with this one commercial.

In this lays crisp commercial the first tells of a man who said goodbye to his grandmother and grandfather to go to work while they were enjoying a snack in front of their house.

But the grandchildren are instead spending their food and will carry away the last bag of his grandfather's, but without realizing it now lays potatoes not into the pockets of his pocket and then fell to the floor, and at that time was the grandfather and grandmother are scrambling to get snack the light that falls to the floor until they do crazy things too.

And finally the grandfather who get that snack, but the grandmother get her grandfather's false teeth

In the second video that tells about the children who lost his ball which was thrown into a neighbor's house and how to get his ball back, and apparently with throwing lays crisp into the neighbor's yard, it worked the ball can be thrown back to their yard, but for some reason so all is thrown.

funny grandmother and grandfather in lays crisp
Funny lay's commercial videos

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