Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Funny animals youtube video and pictures

There are many things that can make us laugh one of them is a animals.
Animals sometimes make us sad, happy, funny, and scary depending on their nature and how we react to it.

below there are some amusing incident of the animals that make us laugh when  saw him, funny moments animals youtube videos  i share here taken from a few moments when animals behave very funny.

there are dogs, cats, horses and other animals are very interesting to see. These are behaviors that they do not deliberate.

funny animals picture moment
This Funny animal picture that seemed to make a hole to get out of there.

dog bite a girl

Dogs that bite the ass of a woman, that is very petite at all.
funny cats picture to making fight
This funny cat pictures are making the other cats to fight with his new kung fu lessons.
funny horse pictures with his trash
I do not why this horse suddenly became like this what it was looking in the trash.

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