Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5 Funny ads ameriquest mortgage

5 ads ameriquest mortgage Don't judge too Quickly are very funny and interesting to watch and give us some information in deciding everything was not too quickly.

In the first ad is a romantic dinner with one of its ends to judge a person in the event of his something. This man was cooking for his dinner with his wife who at the time he was accompanied by favorite cat's wife, but suddenly the cat spilled food in the pan is heated on the stove so that the contents in a pot of red spilled onto the floor.
along with his wife arrived home same time the man was holding a knife and the cat with floor full like of blood, then what she thinks after shocked on arrival.
Maybe his wife thought that her husband was cutting a cat for their dinner.

In the second video is titled concert. It tells a good father who was take her ​​daughter with her friends to go to a concert favorite daughter. On arrival at the scene, his father would give the money for his daughter and the police who arrived at the back of the car thought that he was giving money to a prostitute.

funny man and girl sitdown together

funny in hospitall

Top funny ads Video

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