Friday, January 20, 2012

Funny videos of animals in youtube

15 animals doing funny things, in this video there are some funny moment that doing ​​by the animals.

The first animal is a monkey playing with a dog's tail was standing. The monkey was idly toying with the dog when the dog is not looking at the monkey and then pulled his tail to make the dog angry and bite him.

The second animal or sequence to 14 in this funny animals video is cockatoo, he's a fan of the boyband backstreetboy, when the music played his favorite song and the cockatoo make a dancing boy band-style and look good. And so matching between the movement and its music is heard.

On the third animal or a 13 on a video sequence is the orangutan, do not try this at home because it can make people vomit. a monkey from Indonesia, he is cool to drink his own urine, I do not know what's going on here whether orangutans have never given water to drink or there are long dry so that the monkey was thirst to the point he drank his own urine.

funny orangutan
dog and monkey
cocktoo undeground

Here the animal funny video clips below:

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