Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Very funny Cat videos

Cats are many kinds, beside cute also lots of mystical cat stories in it, from different regions of the country know that cat is something scary, like in europe black cat will bring bad luck, while in Japan a black cat give a blessing for them. And in Egypt cat is a lot of mystical stories.

If i think cat is an animal that is very funny and interesting than they are aggressive animals they also sometimes can make us laugh. As events in the videos below about the cats that will make us laugh.

funny cat be friend and mouse

happy when the cat became friends with rats. Do not like Tom and Jerry who always quarrel:) This cat seems very fond of mice that were nearby.

cat and dog fight
This one the cat is fighting with a dog that tries to disturb regional power. You can see Funny cats video below.

What he does is try to give a greeting to the tip of a cat that is the way I think. Or he was doing a pantomime.

baby and cat
I was touched when seeing this one cat, because cats are so fond of the baby. It seems funny cat feel comfortable close to the baby.

kitten massage therapy
Not only a human being in need of massage therapy was a cat could do it and need it. The cats are each give warmth.

Funny cats video I

Funny cats video II

Funny Kitten massage therapy

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