Sunday, January 1, 2012

Funny sport disaster Video

There are events that we can not guess and not intentional when we do activities like playing, sport match or exercising.

There are events that make we sad, strange and funny. Apparently the video of this one can comfort us because in it there is a funny sport events unintended by them, but it can make us laugh.

The first we can see from this picture that at the time of gathering with family or friends and play badminton together, suddenly unnoticed by those who wear white shirts that he did not see him behind there is a long iron as a sign posted on his home at the time he was want to shoot the ball and finally the man crashed into a small pole without realizing it.

The guy who was playing tennis who wore a white shirt so he also rushing to catch a tennis ball he too slipped and fell and it'll probably make her sick.

Another funny incident during exercise, for a little boy who accidentally he was shot his sensitivity the body by the tennis ball.

failed accident exercise man
funny sport disaster ping pong
funny disaster moment sport game

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