Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weird and funny moment image

Weird happenings and funny at the moment can we see around us. accidental or deliberate anything can happen whether it could be considered funny or weird.
moment and it is something that might not be forgotten, it can be embarrassing and can also be the funniest events in our lives.

Sometimes painful for us but funny for some people. for that we should be able to adjust to things that we think is embarrassing but funny to them is to be patient. That's the only thing that might help us to not always feel ashamed of patience and do not consider it something that is difficult or impose our.

failed kid kick ball
Kid with beer naughty young boy was drunk

bycicle and people
people fall off the bike

car failed
Car weight backward

cat in car
Cat in car

dog gigit orang

grandma ride motor
Grandma Ride on a motorcycle harley

fallen in stair
People fall on the stairs

jatuh dari sepeda
Funny fall people on the bycicle

people oleng

keledai jatuh

weird car

muntah funny
vomiting while on a rollercoaster

kick the ball
Failled kid kick the ball

fat people ride bycicle
Fat people ride the motorcycle

weird house
Funny and weird house

funnybear and penguin
Reference [youtube.com]

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