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Four Funny Video Commercial in the world

Many ads circulate in television with more attractive, and even the ads that they show very funny.

Advertisement are created as a commercial impression of a certain product, and its presence can be found at any time and wherever we are. Along with the development of information media, making the ads become more varied, and almost every day people are presented a variety of advertising. It's in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and internet. The ad was also grown with different forms and creativity.

With just the media looking for a company's profits, but sometimes ad impressions can be very funny to the viewer.

1. Funny video ads "Elephants always remember"

man vs elephant
To see video click this link Elephants remember

This funny video advertising is advertising that is inspired by the proverb "Elephants always remember", the ad tells of a mischievous boy who goes kekebun star and a baby elephant trying menjaili by thrusting a piece of chocolate. Enthusiastically approached the elephant baby, but it is happening is the kids tease him by pulling and stretching his right hand quickly enter the chocolate into her mouth.

A dozen years later, the little elephant is now a grown up in a street carnival. Suddenly he remembered with a mischievous child who menjaili dozen years ago he stood before him. The elephant was little time to take revenge by attacking the man with his trunk.

2. Funny Video ads  "strong rat"

Funny mouse weight lifting

Here the video link Mouse trap Nolan's

Next is the funny video ads using animals as main characters are mice. Begin from a rat coming out of his hiding hole and went to a piece of cheese that was on a mousetrap.

Little by little rat that ate the cheese. Until the end of the trap and trap mice. Mice appeared powerless after being hit by the trap, but the surprising thing happened, suddenly the rat has a tremendous power that comes from the cheese that he ate earlier.

Funny video began when a rat was to perform an action such as a trap by making fitness equipment to increase muscular arms.

3. Video ads funny "detergent stain remover"

Examanation cheat in detergent cleaner ads

Here the video link Examination trick

A primary school children to prepare a cheat sheet with writing on the arm of her school uniform was all safe, then he was asleep.

When the test came ten minutes before it was over, the happy faces of the child to unfold his uniform to see the sheet which he wrote, but he was surprised after the sleeve has a clean, when only last night he wrote a cheat sheet on the uniform sleeve.

Now the cheat sheet that he has made to disappear, and he was curious and tried to open the folds of the left sleeve uniform and he was even more surprised because there are the words "good luck from mother".

4. Funny video ads "utility bills"
Husband like a killer

Here the video link Forgot pay electricity

This funny video ads are coming from thailand country. This ad tells of a husband in a white dress who is doing the cooking activities, and prepared with a knife to cut fresh fish. Suddenly the power failure and the environment became dark. Fish loose from his hand and jump down ketchup bottles, an then continue to jump at the tomato sauce spills, so clothes and face splattered all over her husband.

Same time the wife back to home, his wife was hysterical when she saw her husband who was in front of him looked like a bloody murderer. References [Video lucu]

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