Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Failed celebration of victory in sport videos

If we can win with the highest score in a sports competition, definitely a sense of pride and joy is released in a way to celebrate. But what would happen if we fail to celebrate instead be to be a winner, not weird enough.

The victory should be achieved, even vanished away. These pictures and funny videos.

Speed Rollerblader Celebrates Early And Loses Race!
rollerblade celebrate early failed

The first video of the  Roller Sky skating world competition held in Colombia. Alex Pantez as local skaters had thought would win the game, he is a top candidate to win the 2000 meters men final elimination junior class.

But unfortunately because of the premature celebration, a victory that was there  had vanished. When he was to celebrate a few meters before the finish line, the Korean skater deftly behind the fast-paced and up to the finish line first, and Alex was regretted it.

partizan vs cibona fail winner

Furthermore, from an international basketball game, between Partizan of Serbia vs cibona Croatia.

Drama begins when a player foul on Croatia to Serbia player, a basketball shooter fails to enter the ball, with a quick attack that makes a superior basketball player Croatia with the score 74-72. The remaining time is only 0.8 seconds, the team felt it was Croatia won the match and to celebrate the players and staff were jumping for joy.

But a player from Serbia Partizan did not awake and hit a three-point and cibona win the game.

Khalid Askri goalkeeper Fail
Khalid askari gagal penjaga gawang

Further action is no less ridiculous is Khalid Askari, a Moroccan-born goalkeeper who defended Parabat team. This incident occurred when the team against Makhgret parabat Quest, in 2010 Morocco Cup final eighths.

In the last game with confidence finalti Khalid could kick dismissed magret player, he was to the left and true, kicks the ball toward the left side, and he managed to ward off the ball kick proudly turned toward the audience to celebrate, but the action did not last long and the ball was rolling and get back to goal. The ball  in the legitimate right by the referee and deliver Makhgret to eighths final.

2 DeSean Jackson premature touchdown celebrations!
touchdown gagal football amerika

Go to the American footbal game, an outstanding athlete who became the first elected pro ball for two different positions, but behind his achievements, he had made ​​a fatal mistake, which twice failed to Touchdown, this is because he was too quick to celebrate before touchdown, it was a shame and a great lesson for her.

Bicycle FAIL
menang balap sepeda gagal

And it is less ridiculous, coming from a bike race. A cyclist who is positioned on the first, is proud to celebrate his victory is already in front of his eyes. The finish line which was a few feet in front of him, he felt it would be winner, but thanks to celebrate by raising both hands to make him lose balance and fall, and the other riders at his behind get a chance to the finish line and he was a champion. Reference [On the spot trans 7]
Some video Youtube used by permission  [NichaPFC's]

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