Friday, November 18, 2011

Funny caricature image Celebrities hollywood

Caricature image sometimes makes us laugh and can make people who drew disappointed.
but that's the art of making a funny picture that we can enjoy for just a hobby or for collection.

caricature drawings can be very similar to the original but made ​​as if the bad or the head of the oval can make them into a creation of creative material.

what and why in the drawing they made ​​like that? what they just creativity or just a joke or a hobby to make people so ugly whatever it is but that funny and we can enjoy it and make us so happy to see them.

penelope lopez funny image
Funny image Penelope cruz

funny image bradpitt and angelina jollie
Funny image Brad pitt and Angelina jolie

funny image celeb sean
Funny image Celebrity Sean Connery

funny image celeb brad pitt

Funny image Celebrities Brad pitt
funny image antonio banderas celeb
Funny image celeb Antonio Banderas

Funny image david bekcam
Funny image David Beckam

bruce willis funny image
Funny image Bruce willis

Funny image nicholson
Funny image Jack Nicholson

funny image renee
Funny image Renee

funny image Richard gere
Funny image Richard Gere

Funny image Ricky Martin
Funny image Ricky Martin

funny image tom hanks
Funny image Tom Hanks

Funny image Whoopi Goldberg

Funny image Lucy liu
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wajah artis nya jadi aneh" gitu ya.. :)

i think they are funny celebrities face.. if they like that..

FUnny image celeb that great ..nice post

i like this image celebrities hollywood they are so funny

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