Thursday, March 8, 2012

6 videos of Funny baby rock and roll

Music is indeed has become part of everyone's life, no exception when he was still a child.
Uniquely any music played or sung by the funny kid around the world is a homage loud music or rock.

Are they trained by their parents so that they can do that or their own desires . This is what I want to know from the following videos. Perhaps this is the dream of his parents who then transmitted them to their children. Very much of music available, but why they chose the music rock.

Korean baby sing hey jude

baby metal vocalist
Metal baby on vocal
girl headbanging to camelot
Metallica kid
bon jovi kid

They are very smart, maybe after a several years they will be famous rock star.

And here I've been summarized it in 6 videos of Funny baby rock and roll.

Korean baby singing hey jude

The first video is titled "Korean baby singing hey Jude"

In this video looks a child who has memorized the singing of the legendary the Beatles band with title hey Jude.
With the action of baby with holding a guitar from Korea so appreciate him as a real singer, the video uploaded on 17 February 2008 ago, begins with greetings as if intended for the fans and continued with the actions like the Beatles. This video has been viewed of Internet visitors over 5,5 million and increasing every day.

Korean baby singing hey Jude

Baby Metal Vocalist

Flow hardcore even heavy metal music is not only liked by adults only, evidence of a very serious toddler imitating a hoarse voice a vocalist in a game. These children were watching the game on television, which he imitates the style and sound in the game and even a father about to take the microphone in his hand the toddler did not given.

Baby Metal Vocalist

Metal Baby - on Vocals

Continues on the third video, a toddler who has not been smooth talking, trying to sing metal songs, accompanied with his father. Looks a little baby boy is so attractive and perform optimally.
Starting from a high-pitched voice shouting to his style of singing like a rock star. Once the excitement of the children repeatedly falling onto the floor, then stood up and shouted loud again.

Metal Baby - on Vocals

Girl Headbanging To Kamelot

A toddler girl who was playing a guitar with metal songs heard on television as she seems to be a funny scenes playing guitar next rock n roll toddler.
This video recording of a little girl aged 3 years old, shook his head action again and again until the fall. Seemed to feel no pain, curly-haired toddler was actually appreciated the spirit of metal action.

Girl Headbanging To Kamelot

Metalicca Kid

Switch to the next funny video that is a boy who was recorded in a car that is showing the index finger and little finger towards the camera while listening to him songs rock. Besides this handsome toddler shaking his head looks a spirit, a funny thing on the sidelines of the action of music suddenly stopped and the toddler looked confusion. To keep his shame, the toddler slowly raise his head and then covered with a sweet smile at the camera.

Metalicca Kid

Bon jovi kid

And the last funny video toddlers, accompanied by his father collaborated to sing the famous band that is Bonjovi. The father singing while playing guitar accompanied by a toddler at that time he was eight months, shaking and screaming like a rocker. Beautiful baby named Sydney looks really enjoyed the music from his father.

Bon jovi kid
Reference [On the spot trans 7]

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