Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Funny lays crisp commercial youtube

Lays commercials are very funny at my place, there are some commercial from potatoes lays very funny.
In below this is one funny commercial lays crisp that can make you feel a little weird with this one commercial.

In this lays crisp commercial the first tells of a man who said goodbye to his grandmother and grandfather to go to work while they were enjoying a snack in front of their house.

But the grandchildren are instead spending their food and will carry away the last bag of his grandfather's, but without realizing it now lays potatoes not into the pockets of his pocket and then fell to the floor, and at that time was the grandfather and grandmother are scrambling to get snack the light that falls to the floor until they do crazy things too.

And finally the grandfather who get that snack, but the grandmother get her grandfather's false teeth

In the second video that tells about the children who lost his ball which was thrown into a neighbor's house and how to get his ball back, and apparently with throwing lays crisp into the neighbor's yard, it worked the ball can be thrown back to their yard, but for some reason so all is thrown.

funny grandmother and grandfather in lays crisp
Funny lay's commercial videos

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