Sunday, February 5, 2012

Funny mazda car commercial

Lots of ads that fit on the tv, there is a funny, unique, even scary. But that i like love is a funny ads because it can make me laugh. Like the comercial below.

Very funny Car ads are about a man will  going on vacation to a place, but in the way he meets some beautiful women who want to get on his car.

I wonder what he was thinking maybe because hhe was so happy to give you a ride to a beautiful woman that he was willing to throw some of his belongings.

And oddly enough again after he took a ride some beautiful woman, when he saw an old man with his car broke down with luggage in the car, he was actually lower a woman who had previously participated ride. And he give a ride to the old man with his luggage.

But this is the best example in my opinion because he chose an old man to give a ride to his car and it is of utmost importance because any woman it could be  will give they a ride by anyone but the old man may be rare that will give him a ride.

funny commercial car one man with four girls
Lucky man with four girls
Funny Mazda car commercial room for men

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