Friday, September 14, 2012

Funny animals videos cat and dog cleaning room

Funny animals Video cat and dog that keep the cleanliness of the room and his house in order to maintain cleanliness.

Cleanliness is something that is required in everyday life, at home, school or public place.

Cleanliness should be maintained at all times, so deprived of the various sources of the disease. It was not just humans who pay attention to the cleanliness of the animals are now making cleanliness cause is important for life. This is evident from various sources in youtube about animals who always want to maintain the cleanliness of their environment.

Dog on this one example, dogs who like to clean up the existing glass window at home.

dog window cleaning service.
Video permission by AJW Film Productions

White small brown dog was happy to clean the glass window that the owner was at home, he probably knows about the cleanliness of the glass, so the glass is always clean and the dog was able to look if there are dogs from neighbors who look out through the glass window behind the clear :).
dog cleaning window

This dog is so diligent that he was able to clean the glass with a clean, first thing he did then licking the glass by rubbing it over and over again so that the glass window is clean.

This second video is the cat who likes to clean the room.

Roomba Cat swats Dog pit bull Sharky. Max-Arthur on iRobot Roomba Vacuum
Video permission by texasgirly1979

In this video seen cats who are up automatic cleaning machines, this funny cat seems happy about its activities. Cleaning the room is a hobby maybe.
funny animals cat and dog

Look at the cat who was accompanied by a dog who was seen looking very serious in cleaning the room. Funnily enough it was the cat occasionally pinch diruangan the dogs to the dog so that it can be moved from place to be cleaned the cat.

The first warning of the cat ignored by the dog, but the dog warning both black and white pitbull was immediately moved from that place, maybe pitbull was afraid that if the cat is angry, and the cat was immediately clean up the dog's resting place. Clean the room was also a task that should be done that pitbull dogs, pitbull lazy but because the task was carried out by a diligent cat.

The cat is sometimes angry with laziness pitbull dogs, the occasional cat scratched the dog, but the dog was evasive and scratching the cat was not about the pitbull. If it is done by any animal that is our home, get comfortable and we did not have to worry about fur loss, bowel disembarang place. Our house will be clean thanks to smart animals.

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