Monday, August 6, 2012

17 egyptian pyramids found

The development of increasingly sophisticated technology to change all our lives, ranging from daily activities, work, etc.. And this is also changing in the field of education and research archaeologists in the world.

This is one of them the discovery of 17 egyptian pyramids found in Egypt ever lost, has now become a shocking news for researchers there.

University archaelogists team from the United States analyse successfully  by infrared satellite images orbiting as far 700 kilometers above the earth of last May 2011. Egypt is known that full mystical state has a different history and a hidden mystery to this day are still being studied by archaeologists.

egypt pyramid

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To see the video here the link Egypht pyramid found

Not only that the satellite was successfully scan a thousand tombs and more than 3000 ancient settlements, the satellite is equipped with a camera and be able to show precisely the object on the earth with a size less than 1 meter, it can differentiate the ancient. Egyptian mud brick with plain brick, because of the mud bricks used to build ancient Egyptian citizens of their home. Egyptian government itself hopes this discovery will increase the return of tourism of Egypt, the Egyptian revolution had lost due in early 2011 ago.

Result of the Egyptian revolution of today does look very messy with its existing range of protesters who want the change to his country, so most of the foreign Tourists to leave Egypt to their home country, or they move to another country for a tour, so they avoid impairment that occurred at that . Article reference: On the spot trans 7

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